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School ERP

Our web based ERP Solution acts as a central dashboard for all its stakeholders, giving them real time access to any important information. Our software allows school administrators and principals to easily manage and monitor all the intricate and time-consuming administrative tasks, while enabling teachers to focus their time on teaching and encouraging student progress. It automates administrative tasks, helps improve operational effectiveness and brings down administrative costs. It also allows parents to stay up-to-date with their child’s performance without having to meet teachers in-person.

ERP Modules

Admission Module

Our Admission Module facilitates a hassle-free, paper-less, completely digital admissions process. By integrating administrative tasks, like registering new admissions, through a seamless, easy to use interface, you can create and update student and parent profiles without errors ...

Student Examination Module

The Student Examination Module allows teachers, students and parents to communicate, track and collaborate on important areas surrounding Student Examinations, Performance and Policies ...

Student Fee Module

With numerous readily available payment systems and platforms, keeping a record of fees paid by students can be a tedious task if done manually. It is also difficult for parents to track fee structure and concession details ...

Student Health Module

The Student Health module helps to facilitate a proactive approach to maintaining and monitoring students’ health profiles ...

Student Management Module

A hassle free way to keep track of each student’s individual information and use tools and insights to make smarter decisions to enhance as student’s learning experience ...

Sms & E-mail Module

Communicate easily with teachers, students, and their parents! Send reports, reminders, and make announcements where people are most likely to see and act on them, directly on their smartphones ...

Library Management

With innovative solutions for your Administrative needs IWS’ ‘Library Management Software’ is an advanced and user friendly system that brings the library to each stakeholder’s desktop ...

Inventory Management

With the vast inventory of materials that an educational institution has, it is critical to maintain records of the supply chain. Integral Solutions provides a comprehensive, all-inclusive solutions for your backend operations ...

Attendance Module

Proper time and attendance management remain the cornerstone of any educational institution. Integral solutions ‘Attendance module’ allows thorough attendance planning, review and control ...

Time Table Module

Technology at work for you. With the increasing number of courses and vocations that our students want to pursue, managing an effective time table has become one of the most important issues for educators ...

Staff Management

Integral Solutions makes it possible to comprehensively track and maintain the career journey of each staff member in your institution. Just like our personalised view of each student, our system allows you an overview of each staff member ...

HR Management

In any organization, people matter the most. Integral Solutions present a hire-to-retire effective lifecycle in one simple easy-to-use system ...

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Best School ERP
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Best School ERP
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Best School ERP

21 Years of Experience

The web based software from Integral Solutions helps CBSE affiliated schools to upgrade to the format prescribed by CBSE. The software converts marks to respective grades, generates report cards as per CBSE guidelines, manages workflow and acts as a repository for student and teacher data.

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